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of until you watch yourself ! So be prepared to see yourself coach as perhaps you aren ’ t expecting and be as open as you can to the learning opportunities video reflection offers .
While there may be some value in coaches simply watching a video of themselves coaching ( particularly if a coach is new to video feedback , the first stage should be to get used to watching your own coaching !), it is good practice for even a basic reflective template to be used to allow the coach to make notes on what is seen .
This allows the coach to keep a record of their reflection and will also stimulate some thought beyond the first impressions of the coaching session , which perhaps also means a coach may be less likely to get distracted by the players ’ actions and behaviors when watching the video .
So , what should be included in a basic template to aid video reflection ? Perhaps a good place to start would be the reflective template a coach already uses which would allow the video reflection to have some
well-known aspects even if the video element may be somewhat overwhelming to start !
Coaches can , however , go further than simply recording themselves leading a training session or on the sidelines of a match and watching the video later . Soccer has seen a dramatic increase in the use of technology associated with performance analysis in the last 10 years , and as such the use of video and statistics to assess player and team performance is increasingly common . However , there is the opportunity for coaches to use the same technology to underpin their own development . Coaches may wish to begin to carry out some form of behavior analysis alongside watching the video of themselves coaching . Coach behavior analysis does not need to be complex , and it would be a challenge for a coach who has not engaged in video reflection previously to carry out behavior analysis while also taking on board a first impression of themselves on video . So , coaches new to video reflection should perhaps start with watching a video of themselves coaching alongside a simplistic reflective tool before building into
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