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behavioral analysis . This type of analysis may again start relatively simply ( e . g ., a tally chart for instruction , question , praise , etc .) before progressing to more nuanced analysis (“ How many times do I communicate with each player ?” or “ How long are the players on task and off task ?”).
Such personalized analysis tools could also include reflection aligned to coaching standards from the club / organization in which the coach is working ( e . g ., 75 % ball rolling time , use of players names , equal playing times ). While such analysis may appear cumbersome and time-consuming , coaches must begin to recognize the value in investing time in their own personal development as well as in improving player and team performance . Consequently , coaches should consider how they can begin to use the video to not only aid player development but also their personal development as a coach .
Coaches should not see the different levels of video reflection as equivalent to their expertise or qualification level , but as guidance on how to begin and then continue using video as a tool to aid reflection . In addition , coaches should not feel they need to invest large amounts of money in filming equipment . While it is important that the audio of a coaching session can be heard to allow effective reflection , a small action camera ( such as GoPro ) or even a cell phone can be used . However , care should always be taken to ensure consent is obtained from all players / coaches before recording a coaching session / match ( if recording coaching behaviors during a match , make sure to get consent of the referee / opposition !). Good luck and remember , the first recording is always the hardest to watch but the value it provides outweighs the awkwardness of watching yourself ! n
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ABOUT THE AUTHORS : Claire Mulvenna
Claire is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Education and School Sport at Edge Hill University . Claire has previously worked in coaching and performance analysis roles at organizations including The Football Association , Manchester United and Blackburn Rovers .
Patrick Oxenham
Patrick is Senior Lecturer in Performance Analysis at St Mary ’ s University . Alongside his academic role he works as a Performance Analyst within the Academy at Fulham Football Club having previously acted as a Data Science Consultant .
Tom Hounsell
Tom is the Academy Insights Manager and coach with the Under 21 side at Fulham Football Club . Tom has previously worked as a Senior Lecturer at St Mary ’ s University , where he coordinated the soccer coaching and development undergraduate and postgraduate programs .
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