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Nomination Timeline
Board of Director Nominations rewarded in many ways . United Soccer Coaches has been a large part of my life . My time serving on the Board of Directors contributed to my professional life in many ways and will contribute to your life as well . How will it reward you ?
Making a Difference : You will be in a unique position to make a difference in a large and diverse organization . Instead of just being a member of United Soccer Coaches , you will make an impact on the organization as a member of the Board of Directors . You will have a part in “ running the show .”
Decision-Maker : Closely associated with making a difference , you will be in a position to make decisions that will give United Soccer Coaches a chance to continue and expand its relationship with all members and grow !
Leadership : You will be in a leadership position . And if you have limited leadership experience you will be surrounded by people who are proven leaders and will help you to improve your leadership skills !
Networking : You probably do a fair share of networking on your own . However , once on the Board of Directors , your networking opportunities will really begin to blossom . You will be serving members from all over the country and from other countries as well . You will be sought out by members who want to learn about our Board of Directors members , or give you ideas and , of course , advice .
Role Model : As a coach you are already a role model for your players . Being on the Board of Directors will bring role modeling to a new level . You will be perceived as an individual who cares about more than just your team . You care about moving soccer forward through United Soccer Coaches .
Intensive Professional Learning : Being on the Board of Directors will help you grow professionally in a number of ways . You will learn how to deal with people ; how to discuss and implement programs ; how to survive in a bureaucracy ; and , basically , how to be a part of something bigger than you , which is what you tell your teams every day !
Serving on the United Soccer Coaches Board of Directors helped me in many ways professionally . When I became the athletics director at OWU I already knew how to run meetings , delegate duties , work with committees and basically how to get things done for the greater good , all thanks to my time serving !
It ’ s time to give back — see you in Anaheim !
At its July meeting , the United Soccer Coaches Board of Directors approved the schedule for the election of its next Vice President . Also approved is a new policy for this year ’ s election , deciding that the ballot will contain between two and five candidates . Should there be three or more candidates selected to be on the ballot , rank choice voting will be used to select the winner . In rank choice voting , all voters must rank all candidates in order of the voter ’ s preference ( rank choice voting is not necessary if there are just two candidates ).
The Board of Directors encourages all United Soccer Coaches members to seriously consider self-nominating to be considered as a candidate for the six-year term of elected Board members ( 4 years Vice President , 1 as President , 1 as Immediate Past President ). The self-nomination process is the only one currently utilized for a member to be considered as a candidate . That process begins on October 1 and lasts until November 30 . With the possibility that this year ’ s ballot will contain up to five candidates , sitting members on the Board of Directors hope that many members will consider self-nominating to be considered to be selected as a candidate .
Oct . 1
— Doug Williamson , United Soccer Coaches Board of Directors Vice President

Nomination Timeline

Nominations period opens
Nov . 30 Nominations period closes at 12 am CST
Dec . 2-10 Elections committee reviews and selects the nominees
Dec . 11-14 Nominees contacted Dec . 15
Jan . 2-12
Jan . 12 Jan . 12
Nominees for VP announced to membership
Election opens to the membership
Voting closes at 12:00 pm EST
Winner announced at Annual Membership Meeting
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