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Carr has been a United Soccer Coaches member since 1974 and was instrumental in the development of the Online Master ’ s Degree in Soccer Coaching at Ohio University in conjunction with the association . He has extensive experience in curriculum design , instructional methodology and online learning .
He served as state representative for West Virginia in the 1980s and New Mexico from 1989-91 . He was a member of the Soccer Journal Editorial Subcommittee from 2008 to 2022 . Carr ’ s coaching career has covered all levels of the game , including recreation , club , high school , college and professional over the span of his 45 years in the game .
Carr officially joined the Board of Directors on Sunday , Jan . 13 , 2019 at the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Chicago .
This growth in the game has been paralleled by growth in the association . Rebranded as United Soccer Coaches in 2017 it faces new challenges as it strives to meet the needs of the coaches it serves and recognize the achievements of players , coaches and their staffs across the nation . Some of these needs are now met by members serving on standing committees which include the following : Awards ( over 12,000 awards presented in 2022 ), Ethics , Finance & Audit , Foundation , and Nominations & Elections . A new standing committee was added in 2023 to address Diversity , Equity , Inclusion , Accessibility and Belonging ( DEIAB ). We are also pursuing a task-force Approach called the GREAT Program ( Grass Roots Educational Accessible Transformational ) that will involve members in the development of a wide variety of programs in underserved communities .
In the last decade , the association created Coaches Communities for API Coaches ( Asian / Pacific Islanders ), Black Coaches , Disabilities Allies Coaches , Faith-Based Coaches , Latino Coaches , LGBTQ + Coaches , Native American Coaches and Women Coaches . These Coaches Communities build connections with other coaches , connect members to subcommittees that are involved in convention planning , education , advocacy , awards , and the issues that impact each community or the membership at large .
The Soccer Journal continues to provide valuable resources for all levels of coaching . The latest information related to coaching the game is now also provided through the United Soccer Coaches Podcast and dozens of online , hybrid and in-person coaching education courses for every level of the game . The convention every January brings us all together to honor the past and explore the future . It is a place to see old friends and meet new ones .
In 1974 , I found my coaching home . My hope is that United Soccer Coaches will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our current and future coaches . Capturing the talent , skills and creativity of our members will lead to imagining new programs , creating new challenges and investing in new opportunities . As we honor the past , we embrace a very bright future . n
Dr . David Carr United Soccer Coaches President Member since 1974
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